Sunday, June 24, 2018
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UAE relief ship arrives at Kismayo Port, Somalia

ABU DHABI, A UAE ship carrying 824 tonnes of food aid has arrived at Port of Kismayo, Jubaland State, Somalia. The relief ship has been sent in line with the directives of President His Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al … Continued

Somalia exports fish after 30-year break

Somali vendors prepare fish for sale at Bosaso beach in Puntland northeastern Somalia, on December 17, 2016. The country has started exporting fish after 30 years. AFP PHOTO | MOHAMED ABDIWAHAB For the first time in 30 years Somalia has … Continued

Blast at Ethiopian PM’s rally sparks panic

A small blast sparked panic at a public rally for Ethiopia’s new Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed attended by tens of thousands of people on Saturday, an AFP journalist said. Abiy had just wrapped up his speech in the heart of … Continued

Steve King singles out Somali Muslims over pork

By KYLE CHENEY, Politco Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa) said Friday that he doesn’t want Somali Muslims working at meat-packing plants in his district because they want consumers of pork to be sent to hell. In a Breitbart News radio interview, the eight-term … Continued

Understanding the economic cost of corruption in Kenya

By Odongo Kodongo Hundreds of activists protest against corruption in Nairobi, Kenya. Dai Kurokawa/EPA-EFE Kenya is perceived as one of the world’s most corrupt countries. It ranked 143 out of 180 countries on Transparency International’s 2017 corruption perception index. The only African countries … Continued

Somalia launches new curriculum to improve access to education

MOGADISHU, Somalia has launched a new education curriculum for primary schools across the country to ensure access to quality education for its youthful population, a government official said. Hassan Mohamed Ali, the Director General of the Ministry of Education, Culture … Continued